Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Register for MOPS 2011-2012!!

Hey Ladies!

Its that time of year again!! Registration over the summer can be yours for the low price of $30. Just print out this registration form

Mops Registration 2011-2012
(to download, just click the little button that looks like a cloud, then print it from your computer)

And then send it and a check to:
First Baptist Church at the Mall
P.O. Box 90669
Lakeland, FL 33804

Hope to see the registrations pouring in... it's going to be a great year!!

Love you all,
Ida and Brittany

PS- If you get two new MOPS moms to register, we will give you $10 back from your registration costs! Just have them write "Referred by: _______" on their registration form. (Available one time only, I hope you get more moms to register, but we're only gonna give you back $10) :)

Registration goes up to $35 if you wait until August 30th.